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Essential Interview Preparation

Most people, when prepping for an interview, do a good job brushing up on the specific skill-set they will use on the job, whether it be sales techniques, writing code, etc., along with reviewing their previous work history.

That is the easy part. Then comes the nervous worry about how to answer those age-old, awful, and awkward interview questions that everyone hates (interviewers included!).

I recently came across this great article, originally printed in 1983(!), that lists 25 of these questions along with a brief explanation of why they are asked and how they should be answered.

26 years later, there is no doubt that a few of these will pop up somewhere in the interview process.

Taking some time during your interview prep to formulate a solid response to these questions will ease the worry and go a long way to building up that all-important confidence necessary to knock it out of the park.

Enjoy: The 25 Most Difficult Questions

P.S. Check out our online bookmarks for additional interview tips.

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